• Sat. July 1st: Tombstone Making! 6:00- 9:00 pm Drinking Gourd Elementary School 2809 Shirley St, Eugene, Oregon 97404 Our Indivisible Eugene Creative Team will be providing a space for you (open to anyone) to come make tombstones with us in hopes that we will come together in great numbers at the Health Care Rally on the 5th! The idea is to show the types of things that people will die from if they don’t have health care coverage.  We will be providing some materials but we hope you will also bring some as well. We would love to have a great number of us grouped together with tombstones to give a visual of really what this is about, the lives of thousands of people that will die without coverage. Please share this event, the more the merrier! (Hosted by Indivisible Eugene)
  • Sun. July 2nd: Resistance Summer Community Cookouts Mohawk Valley Community Grange 93727 Marcola Rd. Marcola, OR 97454 The Resistance Summer Community Cookouts are an opportunity for a range of local and national partner groups in the Resistance to come together with friends old and new. We’ll build our relationships and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger. Our goal is to encourage taking care of ourselves and each other, to celebrate all we’ve achieved, and to enjoy ourselves! (Hosted by Helen K. in association with MoveOn.org)
  • Tues. July 4th: Resist Tuesday 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Federal Courthouse, 405 E. 8th Ave, Eugene (Hosted by Indivisible Eugene)
  • Wed. July 5th: “It’s NOT Over” Healthcare Rally with Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley and Rep. DeFazio 11:30 am, Wayne Morse Federal Court House 405 East 8th Ave in Eugene.
    *Parking is limited to metered street parking and pay lots. Please consider public, transportation, carpooling or biking. Questions: Call Senator Wyden’s Eugene Office at 541-431-0229 (Hosted by our MoCs)
  • Fri. July 7th- 9th: Indivisible at the Country Fair 11:00- 7:00 pm 25000 Hwy 126 Veneta Oregon.  INDIVISIBLE Eugene will be in the Peace and Justice Booth in the Community Village at the Oregon Country Fair this year! Stop by and see us! 
    • Sun. July 9th: Our workshop: Call Congress: You Can Make a Difference! 2:00 pm, Community Village tipi.
  • Sat. July 8th: Ron Wyden Town Hall,  11:00 – 1:00 pm, Springfield High School Gym, 875 7th St  , Springfield Join Indivisible Eugene and local constituents at Senator Ron Wyden’s town hall at the Springfield High School gym! Bring your questions! Feel free to add your questions to this event listing and we will add them to our question suggestion sheet.
  • Wed. July 12th: Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what we see and do online. If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees. On July 12th, the Internet will come together to stop them.
  • Sun. August 6: General Indivisible Eugene Membership Gathering2:00 – 5:00 pm, Alton Baker Park, Eugene.


  • Attend and/or share any events from above that you can. Being visible, creating a community and working together is what the resistance to this regressive agenda is all about!
  • Call your Members of Congress every day! We recommend 5calls.org or Countable if you want an easy guide. This week you can join other members at Theo’s Coffee and call your MoCs. (see event above)
  • Follow our public Facebook page where you’ll find other ally events as well. We encourage you to share your thoughts and information as well.
  • Get involved with INDIVISIBLE Eugene!  If you want to help, we welcome your energy! There are lots of ways to contribute. Send an email to Member Support to let us know you’re interested in donating your time. The next step will be talking with Member Support to help you figure out which team you would like to join.


  • It was a very exciting and busy week! On Sunday June 25th we attended the Queer & Trans Pride March and Celebration hosted by United Front: Families Resisting & Organizing Nonviolently Together. It was a well attended event with some heart wrenching stories shared by some very strong individuals. The organizer’s, speakers, translators and entertainers deserve a huge thank you from our community! Our awesome Social Media Coordinator was present live-streaming the event on Facebook. You can see the live feed HERE.
  • On Monday June 26th we hosted our second “Call Congress” Coffee at Theo’s Coffee House! We are hoping this gains in popularity, as making calls to our MoC’s is one of our more powerful tools! We can offer to help install the 5 Calls app on your phone as well. Big thanks to Adonna Roelke for spearheading this!
  • On Tuesday June 27th we attended the Resist Trump Tuesday at the Federal Courthouse with Take Action Eugene hosting this week. Consider joining us when you can, our resistance is just getting started! If you’re not happy with the current political landscape you must be seen!  We hear from our MoC’s that they see us outside their office and can’t believe the numbers of people that have shown up week after week since the beginning of the year! Thank you Do Mi Stauber and the entire Event Team, especially our president Lin Woodrich, for your tireless efforts to spread the word of our mission at the Tuesday Rallies!
  • On Wednesday June 28th we hosted the extremely well attended Health Care Policy Primer at the Unity of the Valley in Eugene. Pam Garrison from our Member Support team did a wonderful job facilitating this event, thanks Pam! We had the very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker Marty Wilde discuss what is “Happening with Healthcare.” He serves as the Executive Director of the Lane County Medical Society which represents 800+ physicians and promotes health in Lane County. If you were not able to attend, you are in luck! Our Social Media Coordinator Kira Lehman live-streamed it on Facebook. Due to some technical difficulties the event is broken into two parts.  You can see Part 1 Here  and Part 2 Here.
  • On Thursday June 29th we hosted the first Indivisible Eugene Open Meeting/ Potluck. What a wonderful crowd! So many new and familiar faces sharing their ideas about how to both be active in our resistance as well as how to support ourselves and others as we embark on a long haul. Do Mi took a poll of how many actions we as a group of 30+ took over the last month. For fun we had a guessing contest with the prize being an hand made Indivisible Eugene sash! The winner guessed 5,000 separate actions with the actual number being 6,586! A big thank you to Do Mi Stauber for taking the lead on organizing the potluck. We are going to try and host a general meeting every month. Please standby for details.
  • As an organizational group we are working to increase the participation of our current members and recruit new ones! To do this we are going to start hosting open meetings with presenters and/or activities we hope you will want to be apart of. We are also making a change to our internal communications to help increases our inter-team work. Right now we are beta testing Slack which several of our members are already using for other groups. Eric Swanson our communications consultant from the Member Support Team deserves a very big thank you for taking the time to help diagnose the issues, identify our needs and making excellent recommendations on where to begin!
  • We are continuing to work on the August General Membership gathering which is during the MOCs summer recess. We will be inviting Indivisible families, so we need to know if anyone would like to do face painting, balloon animals, etc. for kids’ activities. If you have any suggestions just reply to this email.


  • Trumpcare. On 6/27, it was announced that the Senate vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (aka the American Healthcare Act, Trumpcare) has been delayed past the July 4th recess. “This bill is unpopular, and it’s getting more so by the day,” says NPR correspondent, Mara Liasson; and this chart explains “Who wins, who loses with the Senate Healthcare bill”.

Republican senators had been hit by calls from voters worried about the bill. Our Senators Wyden and Merkley have steadfastly opposed the Senate bill, including Senator Wyden’s call for the Congressional Budget Office to extend their study of the healthcare bill’s impact to 20 years. and Senator Merkley’s press release asserting that “the cruelty of this plan is breathtaking”, where he urged his Republican colleagues to “put a stake through this horrific bill, before it destroys health care for millions”.

The national Indivisible group encourages us to celebrate this victory, while recognizing that the fight is not over.

ACTION: Continue to let Senators Wyden (541-431-0229email) and Merkley (541-465-6750email) know of your support and concerns. National Indivisibleoffers these tips for public engagement during the upcoming recess; personal stories regarding the losses that will be caused this bill can still be submitted through the indivisible site; and the Senate Finance Committee (202-224-4515) is keeping count of Americans requesting public hearings. Also, as reported by the New York Times on June 27, several Republican senators, including Rob Portman of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and Dean Heller of Nevada have been among those questioning the bill. If you know people in those states, urge them to contact their representatives by phone or email. And, since passage of this bill would affect all Americans, call them yourselves.

  • The ACA, Trumpcare, and Oregon. 95 Percent details the impact of the ACA (Obamacare) on Oregon — “The Affordable Care Act has made health coverage possible for thousands of Oregonians, and 95 percent have coverage”. The site now references the Oregon Health Authority’s analysis of the impact of the Senate’s draft health care bill. Under Trumpcare, The number of uninsured Oregonians could triple by as early as 2021 — more than 440,000 would be at risk to lose coverage. To prevent Medicaid coverage losses, Oregon’s budget would face a $6.2 billion cost shift from 2020 to 2026. Oregon’s economy would lose approximately 23,000 health care jobs by 2026.
  • Attacks on sanctuary cities. Two bills aimed at increasing immigration enforcement are scheduled for House votes, despite the fact that both bills have skipped the typical hearings, debate, and amendment process. The “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” (HR3003), restricts officials, and withholds funding, from areas resisting detainer requests; and “Kate’s Law” (HR3004) increases prison sentences for undocumented individuals who were previously convicted of crimes and who re-enter the country. Outlines of these bills can be found here. 5Calls.org notes that these controversial bills serve as attacks on sanctuary cities, and that “It does not bode well for the future of our democratic lawmaking system that the House is now bypassing procedural norms, especially on bills (like Trumpcare) that would greatly affect the lives of many.”

ACTION: Contact Rep. DeFazio (541-431-0229email). A call-script by an Illinois Indivisible group can be found here. The script from 5Calls can be found here.

  • Documents released following Wyden hold on nominee. Following Senator Wyden’s commitment last May to place a hold on the Trump Administration’s nominee for Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes, Sigal Mandelker, the Treasury Department has now releasedrecords to the Senate Intelligence Committee which may indicate financial entanglements between Donald Trump and Russian interests.
  • Recognizing Pride Month. Senator Wyden joined 19 others in sending a letter which criticized the Trump Administration for its failure to recognize June as Pride Month.
  • Wyden town halls. Senator Wyden is scheduled to hold eight town halls over the July 4th recess. This schedule shows the planned events, including Lane County on July 8th.
  • Natural gas pipeline. Senators Wyden and Merkley criticized the Federal Energy Regulation Commission’s decision not to hold a public meeting in Jackson County, where a natural gas pipeline has been proposed.

This is a picture from our Meeting/ Potluck. This is a list of what people feel they need for support to make it through the long haul.  Think about this for yourself and others and see if there are some things you can do.

Our Continued Mission:

As a local Eugene chapter of the national Indivisible movement, we stand together to support and hold our Members of Congress accountable to resist this administration’s regressive agenda. We value inclusion, fairness, and our members’ safety, and resist negative rhetoric. We get our message to our Members of Congress through our presence at Town Hall meetings, rallies at their offices, and member involvement including targeted phone calls and postcards. We are non-violent and lawful in our actions.

Click to see our latest Thankful Thursday article by Kristin Bruckner

“Indivisible Song” Lyrics
(Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!…)

They’re coming for our safety, they’re coming for our care
They’re coming for the water, they’re coming for the air
We could cower here in terror as the world turns upside down
We could watch them as they take democracy down

But when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

Here in all our differences we raise each other’s pride
Shoulder touching shoulder we go forward with the tide
We’ll keep telling them our stories till they learn to empathize
And we won’t let them divide us with their lies

And when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

© Do Mi Stauber