• Tues. September 5th: Resist Trump Tuesday 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Federal Courthouse, 405 E. 8th Ave, Eugene. This is an ongoing event and happens every week. Signs are available at site for those that stop by during their lunch break.  We hope you will join us.
  • Tues. September 12th: Resist Trump Tuesday 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Federal Courthouse, 405 E. 8th Ave, Eugene. This is an ongoing event and happens every week. Signs are available at site for those that stop by during their lunch break.  We hope you will join us.
  • Tues. September 19th: Singing Through the Hard Times – Uniting with Music 6:30 – 8:00pm, Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. What does democracy look like when we come together to sing songs of peace and hope? Join local musicians and sing along to find out! Lyrics, instrumental accompaniment, and positive thinking provided. For further information: 541-579-6332
  • Tues. October 10th: Solidarity Rally for Peace 5:15- 6:45 pm, Federal Court House, 405 E. 8th Ave., Eugene, Please drop by to join Indivisible Eugene, Rush Hour Resistance and many ally groups who are coming together to rally and speak about working toward a peaceful nation.

  • Get involved with INDIVISIBLE Eugene!  If you want to help, we welcome your energy! There are lots of ways to contribute. Send an email to Member Support to let us know you’re interested in donating your time. The next step will be talking with Member Support to help you figure out which team you would like to join.
  • Attend and/or share any events from above that you can. Being visible, creating a community and working together is what the resistance to this regressive agenda is all about!
  • Call your Members of Congress every day! We recommend or Countable if you want an easy guide.
  • Follow our public Facebook page where you’ll find other ally events as well. We encourage you to share your thoughts and information as well. Share with your friends. If you know of an event that you think should be in our newsletter let us know!
  • Now that we have our paperwork filed you can donate to our group and help fund the resistance! Donate here!

  • On Sunday August 20th:our member Melanie hosted the Indivisible Eugene Hike at Mount Pisgah Arboretum.
  • On Tuesday August 22tnd we attended the Resist Trump Tuesday at the Federal Courthouse.  It was hosted by Take Action Eugene who as always does a great job co-hosting this important weekly event.
  • On Tuesday August 29th we attended the Resist Trump Tuesday at the Federal Courthouse.  We hosted the “Trump Must Go!” themed rally with the support of our friends and co-hosts Take Action Eugene.
  • The Indivisible Eugene Organizing group is busy developing a rapid response team, the Resistance Summer “get out the vote” 2018,






Here is what the MoC/Legislation Tracking team has been monitoring the last two weeks regarding our MoC’s activities/inactivities in response to the Trump agenda.

  • Summer’s end. The August congressional recess is ending, and MoCs will return to the Capitol after Labor Day.
  • White supremacy. Sen Wyden denounced Trump’s response to the white supremacist terrorism in Charlottesville; he was one of a group of senators who pressed Trump about de-emphasizing efforts to fight domestic terrorism. Spurred by the increasing visibility of white supremacy groups and the recent lethal violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, California Congressman Lou Correa, member of the Homeland Security Committee, has called for an investigation into the domestic terrorism practiced by such groups.ACTION: Contact Oregon’s Peter DeFazio (Rep. DeFazio: 541-465-6732email) to voice your support, and panel chairman Michael McCaul ( 202-225-2401) to urge him to address this growing problem. In addition, National Indivisible is urging people to demand our MoCs do more to fight white supremacy.
  • Coos Bay LNG. In general, our MoCs have a good record on protecting the environment. For instance, Bill McKibben recently cited Sen Merkley as a senator shaping the Democrat’s agenda on renewables. But Canadian company Veresen’s proposal to build a liquefied natural gas facility in Coos Bay is an interesting counterpoint. The proposal has been rejected twice, but with the new administration Veresen is trying again. Peter DeFazio has supported the proposal while senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have supported it in the past but now claim to be “neutral”. According to the Sierra Club, this project — if approved — would endanger or take over hundreds of properties, including tribal lands. In addition it would threaten the safety of over 400 waterways and disrupt the habitats of countless species.

ACTION: Contact all three representatives to ask how building new facilities like the Jordan Cove LNG is consistent with promoting clean energy alternatives. (Sen. Wyden: 541-431-0229email; Sen. Merkley: 541-465-6750email; Rep. DeFazio: 541-465-6732email)

  • Fuel emission standards. The Environmental Protection Agency, under Scott Pruitt, has started the process of reconsidering fuel emission standards. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that burning fossil fuels contributes to global warming, the Trump administration intends to loosen the standards imposed during the Obama presidency. The EPA’s open comment period, which lasts 45 days, has just begun, but you need to follow a specific format to submit a comment.

ACTION: Instructions for commenting are on this webpage. Contact them often and let them know your opinion on fuel emission rules for cars and light trucks.

  • Shrinking National Monuments. Trump’s Secretary of the Interior Zinke announced plans to shrink some National Monuments. Opponents, like Senators Wyden and Merkley, were not briefed about the decision to shrink the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument, and denounced the decision. Along with environmental groups, they are preparing to fight.

ACTION: Wall-of-Us provides links to backgrounders and information about taking action from Patagonia who are exhibiting corporate leadership on this issue.

In response to Trump’s Afghanistan plans, Sen Merkley also demanded an end to US military involvement in Afghanistan.

  • Healthcare. Sen Wyden was part of a group demanding a brief on the administration’s plans regarding enrollment for the ACA (“Obamacare”), alleging an effort to sabotage the program.
  • Special Counsel investigation. Two bi-partisan bills in the Senate (S. 1735 and S. 1741) have been proposed by Republican senators in an effort to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into any connections between the Trump campaign or administration and Russian nationals. Meanwhile, Republican Ron DeSantis proposed on August 28th to put a funding limit of six months on Mueller’s investigation, from the date his suggested bill passed.

ACTION: Contact senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley to find out why they haven’t signed on to co-sponsor S. 1735 and S. 1741. And let Wyden and Merkley know your opinion of any limits curtailing this investigation (Sen. Wyden: 541-431-0229email; Sen. Merkley: 541-465-6750; email).

  • Help America Vote Act. The SAFE Act (HR 1562) amends the Help America Vote Act of 2002 in an effort to improve the security and promote the accuracy of the election process in America. It was introduced by Rep. Mark Pocan in March, but Peter DeFazio has yet to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill.

ACTION: Call Re DeFazio’s office to find out why not and to urge him to support all efforts to protect the integrity of our election system. (Rep. DeFazio: 541-465-6732email)

  • Budget. Rep DeFazio spoke of the importance of funding for earthquake early warning research He was also cited for his work pushing for real investment in rural infrastructure in an opinion piece. Meanwhile, an opinion piece in the Register Guard calls for him to work to preserve SNAP to protect vulnerable Oregonians.


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Our Continued Mission:

As a local Eugene chapter of the national Indivisible movement, we stand together to support and hold our Members of Congress accountable to resist this administration’s regressive agenda. We value inclusion, fairness, and our members’ safety, and resist negative rhetoric. We get our message to our Members of Congress through our presence at Town Hall meetings, rallies at their offices, and member involvement including targeted phone calls and postcards. We are non-violent and lawful in our actions.
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“Indivisible Song” Lyrics
(Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!…)

They’re coming for our safety, they’re coming for our care
They’re coming for the water, they’re coming for the air
We could cower here in terror as the world turns upside down
We could watch them as they take democracy down

But when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

Here in all our differences we raise each other’s pride
Shoulder touching shoulder we go forward with the tide
We’ll keep telling them our stories till they learn to empathize
And we won’t let them divide us with their lies

And when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

© Do Mi Stauber