• Sun. November 5th: Sunday Burrito Brigade – Indivisible Volunteer Opportunity 11:00am – 2:45pm, First Christian Church, 1166 Oak St., Eugene. We are making burritos on #BurritoSunday! We welcome all volunteers. Opportunities for service are: 11:30am – 12:30pm Burrito prep, 1:00 – 2:00pm Burrito rolling, and 1:45 – 2:45pm Burrito distribution or cleanup. Bring a bike or come walk with us for distribution.
  • Tues. November 7th: TrumpTaxScam Primal Scream Resist Trump Tuesday Rally 12:00 – 1:00pm, Federal Courthouse, 405 E. 8th Ave., Eugene. This is an ongoing event that happens every week. Signs are available at site for those that stop by during their lunch break. We hope you will join us.
  • Wed. November 15th: Portents and Parallels, November Lecture by Michael Dreiling 6:15 – 7:00pm, Tsunami Bookstore, 2585 Willamette St., Eugene. Michael Dreiling is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon, and will be presenting on “Ruling Class Schisms and Ideological Polarization in America: Some Limits and Possibilities to Our Present Crisis.” With one road pointing toward fascism, what strategic options are likely on the left? Join us to find out. The lectures are free, with a suggested donation of $5.00 to cover the use of the space.
  • Thurs. November 16th: Indivisible Eugene Open Meeting/Potluck 5:00 – 7:00pm, Drinking Gourd Elementary School, 2809 Shirley St., Eugene. No-pressure potluck (bring a dish if you can, if you can’t don’t worry about it). Let’s come together for some mutual support. You can come see what Indivisible Eugene is up to and enjoy the company of a great group of people that care about what’s happening in the world.
  • Wed. December 13th: Portents and Parallels, December Lecture by Jeanine Cunningham 6:15 – 7:00pm, Tsunami Bookstore, 2585 Willamette St., Eugene. Jeanine Cunningham is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oregon, and will be presenting on “Taking Back America: Right-Wing Framing, Mobilization, and Collective Identity in the Post-Obama Era.” The lectures are free, with a suggested donation of $5.00 to cover the use of the space.

  • Get involved with INDIVISIBLE Eugene! If you want to help, we welcome your energy! There are lots of ways to contribute. Send an email to Member Support to let us know you’re interested in donating your time. The next step will be talking with Member Support to help you figure out which team you would like to join.
  • Attend and/or share any events from above that you can. Being visible, creating a community and working together is what the resistance to this regressive agenda is all about!
  • Call your Members of Congress every day! We recommend or Countable if you want an easy guide.
  • Follow our public Facebook page where you’ll find other ally events as well. We encourage you to share your thoughts and information as well. Share with your friends. If you know of an event that you think should be in our newsletter let us know!
  • Now that we have our paperwork filed you can donate to our group and help fund the resistance! Donate here!

  • On Tuesday October 17th, we co-hosted the Resist Trump Tuesday rally at the Federal Courthouse. It was hosted by Take Action Eugene who, as always, does a great job co-hosting this weekly event.
  • On Wednesday October 18th we attended Portents and Parallels, October Lecture by Kenneth Calhoon at Tsunami Bookstore. This lecture was entitled “We Write Symphonies: Donald Trump and the Problem of Culture.”  The lectures are free, with a suggested donation of $5.00 to cover the use of the space.
  • On Tuesday October 24th we co-hosted the No To White Supremacy Rally at the Federal Courthouse. Congress had unanimously passed a resolution that condemned white supremacy and called on the Trump administration to do more. The measure, which passed in the Senate on Monday, Sept 11 and in the House on Tuesday, Sept 12, was purposely introduced as a joint resolution, which required the president’s signature, rather than a concurrent resolution, which did not.






Here is what the MoC/Legislation Tracking team has been monitoring the last two weeks regarding our MoC’s activities/inactivities in response to the Trump agenda.

ACTION: In anticipation of the GOP’s upcoming tax plan, the national Indivisible group offers this guide, which outlines key elements and offers call-scripts. Contact Congressman Peter DeFazio and Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to let them know what you think about tax reform. (Sen. Wyden: DC: (202) 224-5244;  EUG: (541) 431-0229; Webmail. Sen. Merkley: DC: (202) 224-3753; EUG: (541) 465-6750; Webmail. Rep. DeFazio: DC: (202) 225-6416; EUG: (541) 465-6732; Webmail.)

  • National security. In early October, Senators Wyden and Paul spoke against a bill regarding Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and they offered these criticisms of the program. In response, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and others urged reauthorization. Senator Wyden has since joined a bipartisan group of legislators introducing alternative legislation, which reauthorizes the Act with increased protections for American citizens.
  • CIA. Senator Wyden has stated that he will oppose Trump’s nominee for CIA inspector general, Christopher Sharpley, after Sharpley said to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had never read the “torture report,” a classified description of the agency’s treatment of terrorism suspects.
  • Cybersecurity. Reflecting Senator Wyden’s advocacy earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security has now announced plans to increase cybersecurity practices. Alternately, Senator Wyden criticized recent statements by the Justice Department, encouraging software designers to include ways for law enforcement agents to bypass encryption in their programs.
  • Immigration. Following a controversial arrest by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents in Portland this week, Senators Wyden and Merkley have written a joint letter to the agency’s deputy field office director asking for explanation. A brief interview with Senator Merkley discussing the event can be heard here.

A recent interview with Senator Wyden can be read here.

This tip comes from Indivisible Somerville:
What does self-care involve? You can imagine it as the instructions on a plant: “Place in partial sun. Water thoroughly. Apply fertilizer twice a year. Repot as necessary.” Practicing self-care means that we learn what we need to thrive, and then we provide ourselves with those things.

Make the world a better place. Being an activist means striving for a better world — but change happens slowly, with setbacks and delays. Remember that social movements are like trees: they can take years before bearing fruit. Meanwhile, you can live out the ideals you believe. Support local, minority-owned businesses. Read books or watch videos about progressive causes. Pay attention to marginalized groups other than your own. Volunteer at your local food bank, animal shelter, or religious center. Post to social media about the causes that spark your passion. Help out a friend in need. Live compassionately. Do not do these things out of obligation; do them because of how it feels to know that you made the world a little brighter. Give yourself the freedom to discover what choices infuse you with that joy.

For the full article you can see it HERE.


Our Continued Mission:

As a local Eugene chapter of the national Indivisible movement, we stand together to support and hold our Members of Congress accountable to resist this administration’s regressive agenda. We value inclusion, fairness, and our members’ safety, and resist negative rhetoric. We get our message to our Members of Congress through our presence at Town Hall meetings, rallies at their offices, and member involvement including targeted phone calls and postcards. We are non-violent and lawful in our actions.
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“Indivisible Song” Lyrics
(Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!…)

They’re coming for our safety, they’re coming for our care
They’re coming for the water, they’re coming for the air
We could cower here in terror as the world turns upside down
We could watch them as they take democracy down

But when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

Here in all our differences we raise each other’s pride
Shoulder touching shoulder we go forward with the tide
We’ll keep telling them our stories till they learn to empathize
And we won’t let them divide us with their lies

And when we rise we’re indivisible
We say Yes there will be justice in this land
They will hear us, they will see us
And the indivisible wall will stand!

© Do Mi Stauber