Who are we? 

Indivisible EugeneWe are strong, we are compassionate, we are fierce, we are unyielding, we are loud, we are diverse, we are everywhere and WE ARE INDIVISIBLE.


What are we?

A group of local Lane County citizens focused solely on following the National Indivisible movement started here: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/  To achieve this we have followed the recommendations provided by the INDIVISIBLE Guide creators and have adopted the guide in its entirety as the framework. We have formed a cooperative organizational structure with expandable workgroups. The heart of our group is the many passionate, talented and motivated members from diverse backgrounds who are resolved to unite in solidarity on this long journey. Formed on Facebook on January 5th, 2017 we will act to resist a regressive agenda in a peaceful and direct manner.

We will act to resist a regressive agenda in a peaceful and direct manner through grassroots campaigning, local outreach, and holding our local representatives accountable, publicly and loudly.


What aren't we?

We are not the Tea Party, we are not bullies, we are not destructive, we are not oppressors, we are not giving up and we are not going to tolerate a regressive agenda. 

You want to see what democracy looks like, join us and be apart of WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! 

Guiding Principles

  • We will stand together to support and hold our members of congress accountable to resist the Trump agenda in a direct and focused way.
  • We value inclusion, tolerance and fairness and resist negative rhetoric.
  • Through legal means we will actively resist the Trump agenda.